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Ameen Sayani Presents - "Nandi duggal's - The Art of Singing"

Why will it take only 15 days to teach you singing?

Everyone of us sings sometime or the other in our moods and imagination. That means, you are already a singer but singing is distorted and not in the proper way. We are not going to teach you the classical ragas or intricate Lehkari(Murkiyan). We are going to teach you through videos the easiest way to sing properly with confidence. We are teaching you a system to sing any song you like.

It is very strange that nobody has bothered to find out the problems of our body which has to sing. What are its limitations? Our body is not a machine which will run automatically. Let us find the problems we go through while singing.

  1. Getting breathless while singing
  2. Cannot strike the correct pitch
  3. Go out of rhythm
  4. Getting sore throat while singing
  5. Struggling to sing
  6. Cannot hold the notes (swar)
  7. Getting nervous and not improving even after learning for years
  8. Don't know the use of nasal tones and how they help in any kind of singing.
  9. No knowledge of synchronisation of body parts which are going to be used in singing

Once you have been explained in easy form through diagrams, to understand the working of different parts of your body, your brain will synchronise with all parts to sing properly. It is like putting a software consisting of your body parts in the windows of your body computer.

You will be surprised when you start singing properly with great confidence and presence of mind. The videos will give you demonstrations in Hindustani Language. To understand, you will follow the instructions with me.


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