Nandi Duggal was born on 1st November 1932 at Rawalpindi (Now Pakistan). I started school at the age of 5 at Quetta, Balochistan after the big earthquake. My Father was in the military service, he got transferred every three years. I Studied at Delhi-Shimla from 1939 to 1943. I Went to Patna and joined Miller High School near High Court. My Father was transferred to Lahore in 1947 and returned to India after partition. I Joined St Joseph's academy at Dehradun and then D.A.V. College. I came to Mumbai in 1951 due to my father's transfer.

Film industry was a great fascination for me and my struggle of life started. I worked for about a year with famous film directors of that time - Mr Nanabhai Bhat and Balwant Bhat as assistant-in-direction.

The film industry was very disorganized in those years and our struggle gave no results financially. In 1955, I wanted to see a Western show but could not get a ticket. This gave me an idea - If foreigners can come here and do house-full shows, WHY can't we take artists from India to some countries, where Indians are settled. A gentleman from Nairobi met me and asked the same question. His name was Krishen Gandhi. And so a partnership started. He would make all arrangements in East Africa (at that time called Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar) and I would organize the artists in India. The first group was Talat Mehmood Sahib, at the height of his career, C.H.Atma, Van Shipley famous Guitar Player, and Mr. Enoch Daniels, a genius Accordion and piano player. We did 44 shows and a few private shows. That was the first time top Indian film singers went out of India for concerts. I was about 24-25 years old. It took more than 10 months in 1956 to complete all formalities in India. Making passports was like Hell.

A new era in entertainment for Indians living abroad started, and for the next 35 years, I visited Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Canada, Trinidad , Guyana, Surinam (Called West Indies) Holland, Mauritius, Fiji Islands ,South Africa REPEATEDLY. The artists were Talat Sahib, C.H Atma, Manna Da, Hemant Da, Rafi Sahib, Mukeshji, Kishore Da ,Kavitaji, Anuradhaji and so many others. The most important struggle was to convince Kishore Da, who never did any commercial shows at all. It took me more than 2 years to convince him. First of all, he would never meet anybody and he would shake his head saying NO, if he saw me. How could I talk and convince him. May be he got tired of me, and one day said - Let me hear what you want to explain .It was early 1969.At the same time he had recorded songs for ARADHANA and other movies. He agreed after consulting Hemant Da and Manna Da about my credentials to conduct the shows. Thus Kishore Da revolutionised the film world with his ever green melodious songs. He was a great PERFORMER and singer. The total number of shows done in my life are 1365. More than 1000 shows were done abroad. In those days we were doing minimum 5 shows a week all over except U.S.A, Canada and U.K. It is amazing that, in West Indies, people remember lyrics of every song and sing, but don't know the meaning of words. The language spoken there is English (Trinidad and Guyana).BUT the people are mad for music. You will not believe that Trinidad (Area 6 miles X 36 miles ) had 169 Indian bands in 1964 when I went around the world with Hemant Da's shows. They have great competitions of singing Hindi songs, sponsored by rich organizations every year. You will be surprised to know that it is easy to organize shows in foreign countries than our own country because of so many restrictions. The greatest hurdle is the entertainment tax on live stage shows, except Maharashtra, which had abolished it in 1961.

Around 1988, my health had deteriorated and I had to stop my stage shows. I opened 2 unique recording studios where all strugglers and music lovers could come and sing on music tracks made by us, for a very nominal amount. They were also given the knowledge about "Sur Gyan" and other tips to sing well .It was great satisfaction for everyone to imagine that "I am a singer". They were right in their thoughts. I added another studio in 1997, I also gave music in one movie "ZAKHMI ROOH". My company's name was SHOWBIZ ENTERPRISES & STUDIOS, which was closed in 2017.I retired from active life at the age of 85. BUT I got so bored at home that I decided to teach the finer and simple points of singing to music lovers and singers online with the help of videos. There are 2 lessons with diagrams, practical demonstrations to sing properly. Total time of videos is about 3 hours. To cover the cost of running this program, we will be charging a nominal amount. The new organization is called, NANDI DUGGALS - THE ART OF SINGING . Let me give the knowledge to music lovers and amateur singers, who are the future greats of India. First video will open on payment of Rs. 599/-. The second video will open after 48 hours.

While running my studios, I found that new singers were not up to the mark. So many of them had even taken training from respected Gurujis, but could not sing well. Their problems were, - BREATHLESSNESS WHILE SINGING - GOING OUT OF RHYTHM - CAN NOT STRIKE THE RIGHT PITCH (SWAR)- GETTING SORE THROAT WHILE SINGING - STRUGGLING TO SING - GETTING NERVOUS - AND NOT IMPROVING AFTER LEARNING FOR YEARS - DON'T KNOW THE USE OF NASAL SOUNDS IN SINGING - NO KNOWLEDGE OF SYNCHRONISATION OF BODY PARTS. I always thought, why these new singers are not able to make a mark. So I started my research to find out the reasons. How these great singers used to sing easily and perform .I had seen them for decades and knew their way of singing and performing. This helped me a great deal in my research. There are no books nor we are taught the functions of our body which has to perform and give results. It took more than eight years to master this system, which I am going to demonstrate and make all music lovers to SING absolutely without any of the above mentioned problems. If these big singers can sing perfectly - why can't we sing perfectly?. They were also human beings like us. Your dedication and love for music, with my help and explanation will make you a perfect singer. Anybody can sing IF HE CAN SHOUT, SPEAK WELL AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. In Mumbai, there are at least 25 of my students who are singing on stage every week, professionally. You might have seen a few videos of them before joining this course.

I am myself very fond of singing, I have to my credit four albums. They are mostly about the realities of life. You will like them. Listen to the songs for a change ,and you will enjoy them. They are, AUTUMN SHADOWS, - BY HMV - GILE SHIKVE - BY CBS - HITS OF C.H.ATMA by NANDI DUGGAL(THESE SONGS WERE NOT AVAILABLE IN MARKET AT THAT TIME) AND CHAKR - SAMAY - KA, DISTRIBUTED TO ALL THE RADIO STATIONS OF THE WORLD WHERE HINDI SONGS ARE BROADCAST. This album has its music tracks also on the CD which anybody can sing and modify if they like. NO COPYRIGHT FOR THIS ALBUM. There are 40 songs in all, on internet. Ask for all songs of Nandi Duggal or individual albums on internet.

About 5 years back I was operated for some problem in my throat. Something went wrong and my sonorous voice became hoarse. You may think that how can a person with hoarse voice sing and train singers. Well - I was a singer who also performed along with these great artists whenever their throats were in problem. I was told to do my singing for about 20 to 25 minutes and I gave the audience very old songs of Pankaj Mullick, Jagmohan Sehgal sahib.